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if only i am living in a warehouse or the Taj Mahal, i would have scavenged, salvaged, make love to every pre loved furniture in the world. unfortunately, i live in a 4 room apartment in Buangkok and my room is quite small that i have to sleep like Mr Dracula. hanging from above.

fortunately, the guys from Artsyfact is here to save the day before the world starts to burn (its Dec 21 btw). they are a quirky trio that transforms these once endangered furniture into one of a kind work of art and suave looking objects. Scouring through the deserts of Australia and the tropic jungles of Thailand, Artsyfact has upcycled countless furniture all with one objective in mind – ‘junk is only a label for things we can’t find new uses for’ (i quote from their latest Juice #dec 2012 interview) 

indeed, these furniture are not just appealing to the eyes but made functional in a way like Frankenstein. contrasting elements are combined to make these gorgeous babies work.


each furniture has fulfilled more than the upccyling aspect, it has also inspired the trio to create furniture that touches the heart. one particular furniture titled ‘Homage to Har Cheh’ a special sewing machine leg with a Formica table top caught my little eye. it was named after a sweet lady in Perak, Malaysia (boleh!)  who gave them the sewing machine. inspired by her sheer stubbornness to not move away from her town despite the government plans, the table encapsulates her resilience and strength in staying true to herself.

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so pop by their store at Everton Park, listen to the individual stories told by the furniture and lastly, give them a big hug for saving the endangered furnitures.

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news credits: Juice #dec 2012



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