Year: 2012

revived from the dead

just months ag0, my hard disk crashed into the gates of hell and i managed to recover most of the data with a hefty price. while looking through my hard disk data, i came across these few awesome pictures but i only have some details about it! so do tell me  what i’m missing out! […]

life in plastic, its fantastic

as you sing along to the ultimate old skool tune by ‘Aqua’, we present you another plastic awesome-ness. this is so forking good. view the whole set of pictures here Photographer: TOMAAS Stylist: Carla Engler Represented by BryantBantry Reps Make Up Artist: FionaThatcher For Make Up For Ever. Hair Stylist: SeijiUehara, Represented By Ennis, Inc […]

salvation army revamped

The newly revamped Praisehaven Family Thrift Store was revealed on March 16th, 2012 by the Salvation Army Red Shield Industries, in conjunction with its 10th anniversary. The entire store are collectively re-designed by Out of Stock, Triggerhappy, Foundry, Hjgher, HOKO, Studio Juju, Super mama and Jarrod Lim. Creative consultant Tracy Phillips helped rebrand a section of the thrift store as well as collaborated with the Salvation […]

my jewels goes meow

kinda eccentric and creepy at the same time. on the other note, as you guys have noticed, we’ve been posting much on our site. our dear Shi Ying is currently in Loughbrough, UK for her exchange and i just finished school and i am too preparing for our exchange in NZ. so time isnt really […]

sustain that dream

A 9 year old boy – who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto part store – is about to have the best day of his life. what moved me was the people’s support to sustain Caine’s little dream and passion. his ingenuity, imagination and creativity was the one that motivated me […]

earth hour

its earth hour today and just a gentle reminder to turn off your lights and unnecessary appliances for an hour. meanwhile, enjoy this video shot by my fellow schoolmates of School of Art, Design and Media. and sorry for the century long hiatus. com was down and both shiying and me are bombarded with ruthless […]

sentimental seat

Tokujin Yoshioka‘s design, memory, for Moroso was presented at the Milan week 2010. the series of memory chairs is extremely poetic. the design being almost non-design, is simple yet unlimited in its forms. with a fabric constructed out of recycled aluminum, the chair is soft, and its shape forms as one sits and sculpts it into […]