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Made in China

Ai Weiwei is a prolific Chinese artist who creates controversial works in regards to the politics and sadly, he is pursued by the Chinese government for his remarks. Now, he exhibits and showcases his works outside of China but still addresses the issues of his homeland.

His recent work titled “Stacked” is currently exhibiting in Italy and if you think Tampines is filled with people on bicycles, you should check this out. Consisting of 760 bicycles, stacked on one another, the height of the installation is nearly as tall as Jack’s beanstalk (no im kidding, just nearing the ceiling of the gallery).

But why such a space station / futuristic installation?


Simple. almost everything is made in China. The bicycle is the primary source of transport for the people in China, its a crucial part of their daily life. and please don’t quote my interpretation of this work using my only available knowledge towards art, but i think its a response to how the Chinese people contributes to the mass production of products demanded by the nation and the world.

the energy that is needed to operate the bicycle is what drives the production and almost like a cycle, the people feeds off the mass production in the form of a bicycle. also, the man made like structure created by the bicycles reminds one about the  nation that is constantly growing.




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