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Cover Image: Disposable Carpet 

Dutch design trio We Make Carpets isn’t your typical carpet artisans. Designers Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg mixes traditional pattern making with a critical view of the consumer society, the trio creates carpets using every material under the Sun.

‘This amazement concerns the material. And that is what it is all about for WE MAKE CARPETS. ‘We want people to take a fresh look at those products. We want them to become aware of their beauty. You don’t buy a paperclip because it’s beautiful, but it is.’

I’ve enjoyed how they have looked upon the form of each materials and using the form and materiality to create a carpet that highlights each material’s potential. For example, the Paperclip Carpet was made in a such way so that the carpet hangs and drapes across the steps and how about the Disposable Carpet which focuses on each disposable cutlery, allowing their individual shapes to shine.

These carpets are all so beautiful beyond words.


A4 Carpet. In October 2013 WE MAKE CARPETS did an artist in residence at De Fabriek in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


This residency resulted in the biggest work WE MAKE CARPETS made till now. An old industrial hall of 500 square meters filled with over 20.000 folded DIN A4 papers.




Band-Aid Carpet was made in Marcia’s studio in Amsterdam.



Paperclip Carpet was made in Marcia’s Studio at the NDSM in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



Paperboat Carpet was commissioned by Die Like Disco and made at Area51 skatepark.

wemakecarpets-paperboatcarpet-whitetotal wemakecarpets-paperboatcarpet-detailwhite


Partyhat Carpet was part of the ‘Liberty Carpets’.


The ‘Liberty Carpets’ were window designs showing gifts and accessories from the department store Liberty in combination with works by WE MAKE CARPETS. The products in de windows were curated by WE MAKE CARPETS.


The ‘Liberty Carpets’ were commisioned by Liberty London in May 2013.


Disposable Carpet was commissioned by Tijdelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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