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Using very intricate techniques along with unconventional materials, such as transparent tube knits, perler beads (I think), plastic aquarium moss and crystal spiked beading, Cassandra Verity Green a graduate from Central Saint Martins gives the wearer a luxurious but fun experience. She strongly believes that fashion is an “experience” that the wearer should have with the clothes and therefore should not be taken too seriously.

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She brings a certain playfulness and absurd to this collection she named “Neptune’s Daugther” which is also a 1949 aqua-musical of the same name. Biomorphic shapes and prickly textures resembling undulating underwater sea anemones or sea yetis where explored as well in this collection. I’m also loving the usage of the 50s-esque show cap to exude a slight retro look.

The collection also features a fishbowl backpack where you can literally bring your pet fish everywhere you go.

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