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KaCaMa Design Lab is a Hong Kong-based product designers who specializes in reusing post-consumer waste materials. Not only delighting people’s lives but they also hope to instill eco-awareness and establish connections with local enterprises , handicraft and local cultures. 

In one of their projects titlted: “The Colour of Waste”, they explored the usage of natural dyes from food after getting inspired by food stains on clothes. In a pseudo-intravenous injection device, the infusion bag is filled with natural dyes made of food leftovers/ waste. Different patterns are then made through the slow dyeing process. The result is a series of ombre dyes on several outputs but cues a more gloomy afterthought.


Another project that I thought deserved some attention is the “Living Pixels” lamps. Transforming recycled advertisement banners and giving them a modular 3-Dimensional shape by combining small pieces of the banners together. The result is an interesting array of volumes that is irregular and unique. As the banners are printed on one side only, the lamps appear to be white when switched off, but the plain appearance radically changes once the lamps are switched on and the colors transcends from the inside. The ingenuity of using this material is commendable in my opinion.

livingpixels_3 livingpixels_5 livingpixels_4

Also check out more of their projects here. I highly recommend the Waste in Wurst, a sausage shaped seed and soil bag that is sold on a roving mobile bicycle. Hilarious.

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