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nostalgic futurism

artist Aaron Moran makes use of found wood  from demolition and construction sites and reassembles them into abstract geometric forms. while the shapes of his works resemble bauhaus sculptures, the raw, unpolished texture of scavenged wood injects a warm sense of antiquity and nostalgia into the modern design. this intends to draw attention to the obsolescence of wood as a primary building material of homes and to the fading tradition of customised houses that represented the needs of its inhabitants (in terms of style, size, construction, gardens etc.) as most people in our modern era purchase concrete, prebuilt houses. his sculptures are caught in a time between nostalgia and futurism, capturing our world that is in constant transition, symbolising both our vision and memory.

the symmetry and balance of the form of his works, coupled with the pinch of colour that adds to them a muted vibrance, make his works fun and imaginative. i imagine them to be perfect sets for photoshoots, window displays and love to have one of these as a decorative piece my modern apartment. and i am excited by the idea of having miniature versions of these pretty, meaningful things as pieces of jewellery, aren’t you!

images: aaron moran’s tumblr

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  1. I really love your work because it connects with mine so much. I work with salvaged corrugated cardboard and I recycle them into sculptures. Some of my work include the original colour and logos from the cardboard boxes that I retrieve from supermarkets and street markets.
    I love the geometric patterns that you create and I can really relate to them. Congratulations!

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