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it has almost become a perspective so stagnant that when people think about making wearable art using natural materials (think leaves, stems and flowers), they think its going to look costumey and a little tad crazy. but i am going to break this stale perspective by initiating this 3 part series on greenwears and show how 3 artists have made wearable art not just wearable but also ferosh.

artist Dave Rittinger has created what he calls the Zero Footprint Shirt, a series of t-shirts made from nothing more than leaves and glue. the Leaf Shirts were created based on color, with each shirt being uniformly green, yellow, purple and otherwise.

you may think that is a very simple idea to execute but you’re wrong. these delicate shirts were carefully woven by hand using glue to hold. sadly, these amazing works may never have a chance to let you have a try on but we can always have our chance to appreciate it through these photographs.

though i do not encourage the usage of glue in this work but the texture and the vivid colours from the leaves have left me jaw dropped. these works may have been short lived but the temporal outburst of vitality is very much appreciated by us now, not forgetting the heavily bearded model also adds a touch of caveman-esque chic.

image credits: threadspot

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