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wood. a very common material used in fashion accessories like earrings, necklace or brooches. and also a very common material found in landfills.

but using wood as a tie? this is definitely something new and refreshing.

based in San Francisco, Wood Thumb is a company that specializes in making these beautiful wooden ties. the handcrafted ties are made from reclaimed wood collected from construction and demolition sites. its lightweight and will last you a lifetime, that is if it’s not attacked by termites.

works like bamboo toy snake, each segment of the tie is connected by elastic cord ensuring its flexibility. modeled after the ties we’ve seen the markets, these subtle beauties will require a closer look before one even notices that its made from wood. with details such as grains, knots and holes from the wood, these organic ties is a beauty on its own.

now you can make your solid fashion statement.

image credits: wood thumb

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