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tasteful, sweet-smelling style

Swansea Metropolitan University’s Karen Ingham created a series of apparel, Pollinator Frocks, to bring to light the plight of the shrinking populations of bees and other pollinators. she marries technology and aesthetics to create a collection of clothes with beautiful, iridescent floral prints that are supposed to replicate the way insects view flowers. The apparel is coated with a nectar-like sugar solution (imitating nectars like sucrose and fructose) that will attract and nourish bees and other insects.

as Dr Ingham says, “while the dire predicament of the world’s bees has been widely publicised, the situation facing other pollinating insects is not as well known, yet, not only do insect pollinators play a vital role in food production, they are also inexorably tied to the health and biodiversity of our flora.” her collection, thus, includes outfits that entice different types of creepy crawlies – the day wear draws bees and butterflies while the evening wear attracts nocturnal creatures like moths. just imagine the your dress coming to life when you step into nature, and eventually becoming part of it!

while her collection raises awareness, she doesn’t forget about concrete aid as 10% of profits from the collection will go to organisations trying to tackle urgent issues surrounding pollination and biodiversity.

recyclofashion loves these dresses as much as the creepy crawlies. finally, clothes that fill their stomachs and our soul!




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