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doom with a view

American photographer, environmental activist, and co-founder and director of the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY, J Henry Fair took a series of large-scale aerial photos that capture the global warming process, environmental pollution, and habitat destruction titled Industrial Scars. the documentary photographs range from painting-esque abstract to the realistic and explicitly-in-your-face. while i personally do not fancy the realistic ones very much,  they are undeniably well-taken photographs. more importantly, these photos that illustrate environmental destruction in a way familiar to us forces us to recognise the harsh truth of the effects of our actions and prevents us from escaping into the fantastical, trippy beauty that the abstract ones seduce us into. but it seems like with the captions that accompany each picture that describe with exactness what is going on in the picture, the trippiness morphs into a guilt trip as one starts to notice the grotesque  details in the pictures. the pictures i like the most are the ones caught between the abstract and realism — the tractors that seem superimposed on what seems like a painting with tailings that resemble dry brush strokes — as these pictures truly epitomise the art of destruction.

do visit the links below to view more photos from the collection and to read the captions accompanying them

images: the atlantic, industrial scars


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