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when i saw this image of a camera made out of paper, i thought to myself – neat, but nothing really exciting there, looks like something that you can get at a high end, (pseudo) English stationery/gift shop, a fancy with a map print. then i clicked on the link and it brought me to jennifer collier‘s website and i was amazed. i was greeted with this image:

i was captivated by the attention she paid to detail – even to the interior of the typewriter. and i went on to read more about her, learning how, contrary to what i thought, her works are handcrafted, and the materials are all recycled – found maps, teabags and other paper – pieced together “[t]hrough methods of weaving, waxing, bonding, fusing, trapping, embedding and stitching.”

i like this piece because of the idea, the hope for this paper device to actually work. and if it did, imagine. it would mean that this paper singer sewing machine could be used to piece together another paper singer, which then could piece together another paper singer… almost like an amoeba reproduction, expanding in numbers indefinitely and infinitely (so long that there’s unwanted paper).

the garments and shoes are also impressive.. i really wish they were actually wearable



especially the ones made out of teabags

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