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ART-er rubbish 2

i’m sure everyone is familiar with the kryptonite. yes the dreaded crystal superman will pee in his underwear for.

or if you’re more ferosh, you should know about the Chanel fashion show for Paris fashion week where gigantic purple crystals graced the runway.

what makes these 2 crystals coming from very different background so captivating? i say the result they brought along with the drama makes people so amazed about that level of untouchability and unfamiliarity makes it truly beautiful and wonderful.

and this installation art made specially for the Olympic celebration falls under the same level of awe. no doubt its trashy as ever.

sculpted from thousands of recycled milk bottles to look like an ice age cave in the balcony of London’s South Bank. as you traverse through the environment, you will hear recording of Moravians and Londoners talking about waste in the urban environment. the brain child of the installation is Gayle Chong Kwan who was inspired by the residents of Moravia, a neighbourhood in Colombia which was built on the city’s landfill.

image credits: treehugger

news credits: treehugger

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