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NO. 21 S/S 2013

Easily, one of my favourite designers out there is No. 21 by Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Just cos’ of his effortless designs mixed with elements of surprise, grunge and manly shapes. But today’s post won’t be a Suzy Menkes hardcore fashion review.

Instead I want to share with you guys some pieces from his S/S 2013 show where he cleverly used recycled materials (I hope they are) in his collection. The collection in a nutshell featured  clothes densely embroidered with Swarovski crystals, metal bottle caps and aluminum can tabs. Creating this immensely intricate and textured ornamentation on the clothes. I enjoyed the seemingly two different worlds (Nature vs Man-made) coming together and creating this visually engaging piece. Lastly, the splash of vinyl across the brocade top really reminded me of the canvas material I’m currently working on for a client and I can’t wait to see how this industrial looking material can fit in with other fabrics. 

_VIE2236.1366x2048 _VIE2256.1366x2048 _VIE2406.1366x2048

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