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Previously, I mentioned that I love corks in Ostwald Helgason’s S/S 12 runway collection where the material was being utilised into many wearable pieces. Now the cork has returned again. This time round product designer Todd Bracher was invited by Wallpaper* magazine to create an object made from cork for the handmade issue and he conceived these minimaist two-tone jackets. Using cork’s natural pattern and texture as his starting point, acclaimed US designer Todd Bracher offers a new twist to the classic material’s applications. Teaming up with Portuguese cork manufacturing giant Amorim and using the international company’s high-quality product, sourced straight from the country’s cork forests, Bracher created a minimalist two-tone jacket out of different cork composites.

03_cork-jacket_todd-bracher_amorim Cork-jacket-TB

Amorim is the world’s leading manufacturer of cork and cork-derived goods, Amorim is behind a range of innovative products, from sports equipment to spacecraft. The company is committed to sustainability and the preservation of the oak forest, as well as to challenging designers to explore the potential of cork.

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