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Japanese and English pottery trained Mary O’Malley‘s porcelain tableware seems like it has come out from the set of Pirates of Caribbean used by Captain Davy Jones specifically. Like pieces of shipwrecked ceramics, these porcelain tableware were encrusted with ocean life ranging from mussels, corals and seaweed. All out of which came from the nifty hands of O’Malley’s. Inspired by her childhood memories and her newly familiar surroundings next to the sea, she ‘set sail’ to find a balance in trying to tame the ferocious marine life and the delicate porcelain. Always a margin for error during firing, O’Malley’ has to sacrifice a certain degree of control, be it the way the iron oxide turns out or the tentacles warping during the firing. This level of surprise sustain her interest and her constant awe at the inevitable which is what she believes is true beauty.

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