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Imagine, the first cavewoman if she were to own a pair of shoes, what will it be.

Well think no more. Its here already.

Chinese Artist, Zhu Tian has sculpted a pair of brow raising provocative pumps. Babe are a set of flesh coloured shoes made of silica gel, completely covered in actual human hair and tied together with chains. Strands of hair have been carefully implanted onto the shoe and loosely arrange to highlight their appearance. The explicit connotations are evident as the sculptural wearables seek to convey their primary function as sexual commodities and as tools to increase attractiveness and lust.

zhu-tian-hairy-shoes-designboom-01 zhu-tian-hairy-shoes-designboom-05 zhu-tian-hairy-shoes-designboom-04 zhu-tian-hairy-shoes-designboom-06 zhu-tian-hairy-shoes-designboom-03

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some like it hairy, some like it hairy-er.

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