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The title suggests a rather tantalizing deliciousness coming up like some kind of dessert. Instead, you literally get confetti in a stack. *tsk

I hope you guys had fun counting down to the new year and basking in that moment where the clock strikes midnight with everyone singing auld lang syne and confetti everywhere. I mean if you think about it, confetti lasts for as long as that moment could last. Only minutes. And confetti sadly shares a rather depressing fate after. Into the trash that is.

Clayton_confetti_detail_1 Clayton_confetti_detail_32

So of course when I saw Lenka Clayton’s (previously) Confetti Stack. I thought it gave a breath of new life and a different meaning of looking at things. Instead of the norm where confetti gets into your cleavage, your hair, your wine glass, now it gets into a spaghetti of colourful paper. Measuring at 1.9metres (thats only a ruler away from Yao Ming’s height.) and consisting of 18,180 confetti, the string of delightful has definitely made my New Year’s day a great one!


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