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Hey I’m back from the Chinese New Year holidays and yes I do feel a little chubby from all the feasting. But nonetheless, I’m still trying to catch up on the backlog of fashion shows that has been happening during the New Year holidays and thank god for some amazing finds!

KAT_0055-1MARC0005 MARC0027

Mary Katrantzou kick-started her career with her signature printed textiles and architectural silhouettes. 7 years later, she has matured and grown into a designer who knows her textile manipulation and juxtaposition. This recent collection of hers shown at London Fashion Week blew me off my socks and back. Katrantzou explored the fear of empty spaces (aka kenophobia) and how the Victorians filled up every single space in their interiors with patterns and prints.

Similarly in her show, she used Victorian inspired patterns and prints along side with an really unusual material. Sponges. The runway was composed of pink foam-rubber packing material and featured many other looks that has incorporated the humble material. Of course not forgetting the Victorian patterns finished in vinyl and plastic ruffles.

MARC0167 MARC0240 MARC0271KAT_0575-1 KAT_0595-1 MARC0483 KAT_0679-1

Brilliant execution with very humble materials yet outstanding results. Bravo Mary Katrantzou.

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