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Returning to London after 7 years of showing elsewhere, Gareth Pugh‘s recent F/W 2015 collection screams a little revolutionary to me. Dark, dramatic, warrior-like, the show was again very Gareth Pugh but in his own words, it was optimistic.

GAR_0324 GAR_0643 GAR_0660 GAR_0761

But best thing of all has to be the looks made from black drinking straws, that made the models looked such bad asses. A cross between a thorny crustacean and high fashion model, the straws are trimmed, patterned and placed in many amazing iterations, both highlighting the modular quality and shine the straws possesses.

Gareth Pugh in the recent years has experimented with many droll materials such as ropes, buttons and plastic bags. All proven to have magical results.

GAR_0829 GAR_0855 GAR_0954

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