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Director Matteo Zamagni – also known as øøøø – created landscapes of imagined planets by manipulating photographs of cabbage, plastic bags and broccoli in his video for TSVI’s song Malfunction.

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Zamagni’s video for Italian artist TSVI is based on a narrative about a group of planets decaying in the wake of a passing asteroid breaking apart and releasing a destructive organism.

The director created the topographic images by using a technique that involves photographing an object from multiple angles and feeding the images into software that then creates a 3D computer model. This model can then be manipulated, shaped and edited. Zamagni used this method with images he shot of cabbage, broccoli and plastic bags laid out on a table – the uneven surfaces of these objects suiting the kinds of textures and terrains he had in mind for the planets.

In other words, the music is pretty rad too.

Image Credits: Screen caps from video

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