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I can’t help but feel intrigued and more intrigued by this amazing music video by musician and director Kamiel Rongen. Mixing different liquids together in a fishbowl, Rongen created a psychedelic, fantastical landscapes for the music video. He created the trippy playful visuals by mixing different oily liquids and water in the bowl, flipping the footage upside down and adjusting the playback speed.

Screen shot 2015-04-02 at PM 01.12.10 Screen shot 2015-04-02 at PM 01.12.19 Screen shot 2015-04-02 at PM 01.12.24By adding powders to the mixture, he was able to create droplets and other three-dimensional forms that appear to rise up from the surface.

“But one example is the reaction of oil and sugar. Oil stays on the surface. When you throw sugar in the oil, the sugar takes the oil downwards. After a while the oil gets loose and then you have those drip effects.”

All of the visuals were created in the fishbowl, Rongen claims, without the addition of any digital effects. A 25cm-diameter tank to shoot the video, but Rongen hopes to create more elaborate underwater worlds in bigger bowls, which he plans to incorporate into a live show. If there is an upcoming live show, I definitely will be the first to purchase tickets for it.

Screen shot 2015-04-02 at PM 01.12.31 Screen shot 2015-04-02 at PM 01.12.34

Image Credits: screencaps from video

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