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“This plastic bag is a not a toy. Keep away from children.”

But to Christopher Shannon, It’s a fashion accessory. It’s a mask, its a corsage, its a statement. At the recent London Mens’ Fashion Week, Christopher Shannon presented a rather dystopic undertone collection. Models are featured wearing plastic bag over their heads some what signify the inability to breathe and a series of applique collage on the clothing also presented us a form of beggar chic.

JPG_5573 JPG_5593 JPG_5700 JPG_5774 JPG_5814 JPG_5830

Its not hard to spot some form of pop culture in this collection as well, namely the plastic bag and Coca-cola can. Icons of which are linked closely to consumerism. But then when paired with slogans that says: “Save Me”, “Broke”, “Thanks for Nothing” the collection seems to be a cry for help. Is Christopher Shannon trying to bring across a message about the economy or the state he is in as a new designer? In a nutshell, Christopher Shannon’s latest collection has impressed me and I definitely have my eyes and cash on him.

More images here.

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