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NO. 21 S/S 2013

Easily, one of my favourite designers out there is No. 21 by Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Just cos’ of his effortless designs mixed with elements of surprise, grunge and manly shapes. But today’s post won’t be a Suzy Menkes hardcore fashion review. Instead I want to share with you guys some pieces from his S/S 2013 show […]


Christmas is almost here with another month to go and here in Singapore, shops and malls have all geared up and decked with sparkly Christmas decorations. I personally enjoy sipping my favourite Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks and just gazing at the Christmas decoration like a cat who sees a laser point. Oooo, that sparkly […]


When Parsons School of Design alumni Ximon Lee showcased his thesis project S/S 14 titled “Children of Leningradsky”, It was no doubt a rather foreign topic to me. Was it a fantasy world created by Lee or a certain city in East Europe? I had to find out what it was and truly enough, a […]


The phenomenon, resin produced by trees to protect from mechanical or insect damage, is abstracted in a collection of pendants and rings that prominently feature a broken piece of maple wood complemented with a novel bioresin. Each part consists of a broken piece of maple wood, hand-sorted is loving and unique, hand-poured, hand sanded and hand-packed. […]


The people from the Scandinavian region are among the most romantic people I think I’ve seen. Their attitude towards their environment and lifestyle has been such an aspiration for all and not to mention their stunning natural landscapes. It seems like a perfect place for nature and man to co-exist. Yes it does. I came across […]


Born in Delhi, Ashish Gupta studied fine art in his native India before moving to Middlesex to complete a BA in Fashion Design. Now a fashion designer based in the UK and having a high-street label under his name, this energetic and flamboyant designer has designed several outfits for M.I.A (my one and only.), Madonna, […]


Using very intricate techniques along with unconventional materials, such as transparent tube knits, perler beads (I think), plastic aquarium moss and crystal spiked beading, Cassandra Verity Green a graduate from Central Saint Martins gives the wearer a luxurious but fun experience. She strongly believes that fashion is an “experience” that the wearer should have with the clothes […]


With Ebola raging across West Africa and killing countless of people, everyone is getting paranoid and wants nothing to do with any form bacteria, viruses and all that. But one artist’s obsession with the unconventional subject matter began with an elementary school project on the plague, leading her to later work with microbiologists after her art […]


“In these works, one can read a certain dichotomy between the marketing and media world in which we live and ethical values ​​that are dear to me. This is an invitation for all of us to contemplate, to rediscover the beauty of a single seed of a wild grass, the delicacy of a flower, or the smell of […]


Cover Image: Photo manipulation by Harng Foong It’s was only after Halloween, I knew something deep down inside my brain etched a certain memory that I can’t forget. Something so hauntingly beautiful, so gruesome, so out-there, so horrifying, so much better than Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Yeap, its the V Magazine covers of September 2009. Ghostly […]


Cover Image: Kalen Hollomon: Untitled This is so funny I can’t stop. Extracted from her site: Seeking to explore the intersection of human perception and awareness, Kalen Hollomon produces mixed media works with an emphasis on the ever-changing relationship between subject and object. Unorthodox combinations that explore commerce, fashion, gender identity and taboo collide in images […]


Cover Image: Evening bomber jacket cut from embroidered Chinese jacket (c.1920); sequinned men’s trousers; silk organdy veil; metal twill Tabi ankle boots So while researching about Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal Fall 2014 show which I blogged about in my previous post, I came across this set of images by photographer Lorenzo Vitturi. I won’t go into the itsy bitsy […]


Cover Image: Collage by HART + LËSHKINA “To reuse, recycle and reinvent.”  As common as this statement might sound. If it is coming out from the mission statement of Maison Martin Margiela (MMM), it has to mean something right. Indeed, at its 5th couture showing under the official haute couture schedule held in Paris, MMM did just that. By […]


Inspired by everyday objects and materials, Maaike Fransen transforms her collection into out of this world creations with a little touch of humour. This almost absurd yet functional collection features models wearing stories/ memories of Fransen’s. Not forgetting about her detail works in the collection, I particularly love the fork appliqué on a oversized top. Its whimsy, […]


do you know that stereotypical moment where the action star runs away from an impending explosion and moments later, KABOOM! and glass shards just come in all directions? or that moment when the action star gets a glass bottle smash on the head and still manages to execute some karate chops. have you imagine how […]


back in the fifties when food packaging was a ‘pop’ and especially made famous by Andy Warhol was the campbell soup cans. well, Moschino thought the ‘pop’ should not just be made exclusively to the fifties, therefore their Menswear Spring/Summer 13 was in a Milanese Supermarket and with models (yeap you’re right) dressed in a […]


as a visual communication student, i’m constantly dealing with paper stocks and its not uncommon for me to get papercuts which i hate with a vengeance. like a sneaky ninja, papercuts strikes when you’re not watching. the damage will only be realised when you’re in the shower and it hurts. the beautiful pictures titled Papercuts, […]


i’ve been through 2 years of national service. in these 2 years, there was alot of tears, sweat, vulgarities and blood. but, one of my fondest memory was when me and my friend Alfri (who was a fashion graduate) created an army inspired fashion show for our company as part of recruits’ night. the entire […]

happy halloween!

you know every halloween people on your facebook friends’ list will start posting photos of them in costumes, frolicking away. and its always that same old costume. super heroes, zombie nuns, angry birds, undead grandmother etc. same old same old. no one seems to be putting any effort in their costumes. until this. my friend […]

Comme Des Garcons S/S 2013 RTW

i’m developing a huge crush (pun intended) for Comme Des Garcons this Paris fashion week. i quote‘s Jo-Ann Furniss saying ‘ “Crushing” was the answer.’ it seems like the collection itself was extracted from the recycling plant where all materials fuses and interact with each other. the crowns made with biscuit tins and parts of a […]

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013 RTW

burlap is what’s hot for spring according to designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. just make sure you have lots of baby power on. helps with the itch. but on a serious note, these burlap pieces and the earrings (just look at them!) are sex. couldn’t find a better word to describe it. image credits:

family jewels

Denise Reytan could be the only jewellery designer i have seen that has placed so much effort and creativity through her design process. the story in every jewllery does not require a very complicated plot nor it requires fluffy vocabulary or words. but all it requires is chemistry and soul which i think Reytan has […]

going a lil’ crazy for fashion

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada S/S 2013. Agatha’s fashion can go a little crazy at times, not forgetting how Bruno (a character portrayed by Sacha Boran Cohen) actually managed to crash into one of her shows wearing a full velcro suit. definitely one of the most memorable fashion moment compared to Naomi Campbell’s fall during […]